This documentary/manifesto states with psycho-evidence that nothing of any original or progressive value has occurred in American pop culture since the death of Elvis Presley (August 16, 1977).

JMM toured Europe as the POPKOP with this message: Memphis is ground zero for pop culture! READ the GOSPELVIS! LEARN the Eight Levels of VIS Interpretive Study! Read the TUPELORE now.

TUPELORE or A Dead Baby Only a Mother Could Love
by Super Tupelo.

For 42 years underground tastes were popular in America. So popular that they are identified with one man: Elvis Aron Presley. For Elvis is not just the King of Rock 'n' Roll, he is the King of Pop Culture.

But I would also argue the quiet influence of his stillborn brother Jesse Garon in being just as identifiable. In pursuit of higher and higher levels of 'Elvis Understanding'.(E Levels of VIS"; The Eight Interpretative Studies.) I am tempted to refer to Elvis as "they" from time to time as 'he' only reflects half.

In the mid-fifties an unholy trinity of evil comic books, bad movies, and sinful rock 'n' roll challenged your Mother's Mothers cozy assumptions of morality (and more and often than not found her wanting.) The space race with it's Apolloniac pull to the stars was still fueled and funded by mere mortals with carbon coils and fascinations peculiar to the Earth. Outer space was not the final destination. Inner space 'is'. Our final note is like our first: Distortion and white light unto which we are delivered.

Before Elvis could be delivered into uncircum-sin he found something dead in his way: a twin brother.

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(Official Publicity for Ziggy's first
Memphis appearance. circa 1972)