There is a ninth element to the eight GOSPELVIS tenets.

This tenet could replace the last (8th tenet) of the Old Gospelvis thus keeping the items listed as 8 (since this was Aron's favorite number).

The 8th tenet concerns the Exodus up Hwy 78 to Memphis. While this is an extremely important mythological concept, it lacks the specificity of the HARDWARE STORE.

Think of the HARDWARE STORE as the new tenet #8. The Exodus remains as the end result or accumulation of mythic occurences that happened to the boyhood of ARON and the CLAN OF VIS in East Tupelo from 1935 to 1948.

13 years.

A year for every person killed in the House of Burrough.

And might I add that the Burroughs Twins; Dorothy and Dorris were 7 and 7 when they died, being born in 1929 (see the 29 grid at the bottom of this pop up page).

This year I read A RADIO HISTORY of ELVIS; 1945 to 1955 by Aron Webster. This book tells me that Elvis was on the radio numerous times BEFORE D.J. Dewey Phillips played him on the air on July 8th, 1954. Granted, Dewey was playing Elvis' first Sun record "That's All Right", but Webster's book alludes to the metaphysical.

Note that the GOSPELVIS begins in outer space; a tale of comets destined by a mystic power to be seen from Earth or to strike the Earth and let certain mortals lay hands on them. With the HARDWARE STORE the GOSPELVIS returns to outer space in a most precise and incredible way.

In 1946 LOVE buys ARON a guitar when he is eleven years old at the HARDWARE STORE. But a year before, upstairs in the very same building, ARON was ON AIR. singing on WELO in a little talent contest. Did that previous visit necessitate the purchase of ARON'S first guitar one year later?

Nevertheless, ARON'S voice from Tupelo, though lost to us now, exists as radio waves which by now have ascended into outer space travelling at the speed of light, where comets reside and meteorites crash to Earth.

What begins cosmic ends cosmic.

First Disciple of the Blue Light of Capricorn
July 8th, 2006
(the 52nd anniversary of Dewey playing Elvis on WHBQ)