foto by Don Perry

On Thursday, March 28, lead singer BETTY BUTCHER of latter-day rock & roll band FINGERS LIKE SATURN stepped off an airplane and breathed damp wet Memphis air.

She was stepping into a ROCK & ROLL BLOODBATH.

FINGERS LIKE SATURN was about to return from the dead on dead world of 2007 and into that big ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY world of 2008! Yes, this was our '08 COMEBACK! Our style was adapted from reality: When your lead singer moves away, what's a band to do? We side-stepped 'band break-up' and moved glammingly into reinvention. Rejuvenation. ANY chance to play with Betty is welcome and rare - and I set about to make it a special event.

Bloodbath's are good for rejuvenation.

I was enabled by the Memphis International Film Festival: Head Honchos Lisa Bobal and Rick O'Brien asked if I could design the Friday night showcase (another name for a party). I asked JACK YARBER (aka "Jack Oblivian") if his band THE TEARJERKERS could play. Jack was between drummers so JEFF GOGGANS (IMPALA) offered his services. Jeff and I caught up on details with chance encounters at Tip Top liquors.

SUSIE HENDRIX new band THE HUMPER SHOW opened featuring J.D. on guitar and HARLAN T. BOBO on drums (both with panties on their heads). So be it. I'm not there to argue morals with Susie. I'm not sure who would win.

I wanted to use movies as a theme for the 'showcase' but more so as a throwback to the dead '90's when I showed Exploitation movies at Barristers Pub on archaic big screen TVs.

This time we hung a sheet.

We had a narrow window of time on Thursday night to have ONE full practice with LIPSTICK PICK UP, CELLO BIAFRA, JOHNNY ODDSBLOOD and THIN WHITE TRASH. Alas, drummer KINGS DEN was on tour with AMY LAVERE and keyboardist MID-SOUTH CON is now teaching in Korea* making this version of FINGERS LIKE SATURN stripped down to five players. Therefore the beautiful silk screened poster designed by BRIAN DIXON and hand printed by ROB T stated "FIVE FINGERS" in respect to those missing in action.

If CELLO BIAFRA had not played drums there wouldn't have been a show at all. We like to keep it on an incest level.

And then... Black Friday arrived.

(Five Fingers - Five songs):


(encore: POSSIBILITIES by the Viletones).

Susie and I switched instruments on the last two songs so she could play sax. The show came off like a midget hooker; short and sweet. How many more FINGERS shows could there be? Is this all she wrote? Kinda sad when you know the kids in France dig this Memphis shit. What's a band to do when life interferes with Art? Don't force me to answer that, I might give the wrong answer.

Anyway, Our one and only #1 vinyl record is coming this Summer (are you listening European labels?). Starting in May ten songs will be available in hi-quality at iTunes and for streaming at our My Space page (click on link below and become our FRIEND!)

As I write this, BETTY BUTCHER'S real life counterpart CORI DIALS beams from Memphis billboards promoting another dead film festival. It won't be long before a Mexican restaurant takes her place.

We're looking for another excuse to rock.

Next time,
Thin White Trash
March 31, 2008

*The "actual" 'Mid-South Con' (a long running Memphis-specific Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention now stalked by ancients, gamers, and mead makers) was actually our competition that night. If they really wanted a comic book panel, they should have come to our show!

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COMING SOON! SCENES FROM A BLOODBATH: Fingers Live at Earnestine & Hazels!


SILKSCREEN PRINTS available $20 postpaid from master printer ROB T. Please inquire at

Special Thanks to my Guerrilla Monster Crew that night: TOM WAYNE, HG RAY, CHUCK SCOTT, with additional camera help from RICH KIMBALL. Kudos to LEE PEYTON who handled the door. CAMERON KNIGHT who manned the video projector and RUSSELL and MARY at EARNESTINE & HAZELS.


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