I'd wanted to do a COLOR follow-up to SHINE ON SWEET STARLET called BROAD DAYLIGHT with new music and new starlets, but I never thought I'd get the chance. Then Savannah Raught (who would be instrumental in co-producing my LOSERDOM show) introduced me to business-savy Chicago socialite Catherine Kouzmanoff. Catherine's company Inter7.com created 'internet solutions' for clients all over the world and brought a whole new fresh approach to Guerrilla Monster at mid-decade (2002 - 2004). She and co-producer Ken Jones funded BROAD DAYLIGHT. Catherine (and son Brandon) went on to supply guerrilla monster buttons, business cards, postcards, and starlet appearances, not to mention a premiere or two! The most special occasion being in Miami when we spent a few days with legendary photographer and all around sweetie Bunny Yeager! Catherine also joined us at Miss Eotic World 2003 where much of Broad Daylight was shot (mostly by Victoria Renard on Super 8, of course). The double DVD also contains a remastered edition of SHINE ON SWEET STARLET and tons of extras!

See five minutes of scenes from BROAD DAYLIGHT and SHINE ON SWEET STARLET!